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Heyyy I'm Abigail Mac. I've been in Penthouse, Hustler, and appeared in many adult movies including BangBros. I've been nominated for Best All-Girl Performer by AVN and XBiz. People love that I am beautiful and I have a perfect body. I love licking pussy. I am known primarily for my lesbian porn scenes, but I also do boy/girl porn. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck and a naval piercing.

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Jun 21, 1:12 pm

Abigal Mac POV Free Full Length Porn from Bang Bros
Abigal Mac POV Free Full Length Porn from Bang Bros

Selfie queen Abigail Mac on visits BangBros to record POV porn. This free full-length XXX video (bpov14579) features Abigal in short jean shorts and a bright yellow spaghetti strap top. She is taking pictures of herself with her iPhone. The male talent lends a hand and begins snapping pictures for her. She takes off her shorts to reveal a tiny purple g-string tucked deep in her ass cheeks. She doesn't have a big ass, but it is flawless and perfectly tan. She has the ass of a 90s pornstar, like Carmen Electra in her heyday. She starts talking dirty to the camera. Her voice is soothing and sensual. She keeps up the dirty talk throughout the entire video. She starts gagging on the dick and slurping it loudly. In between deepthoating she talks some more. She never stops staring into the camera. It is easy to get lost in her eyes. She starts riding the cock and saying things like "this is my cock" and "i get to ride it whenever I want". How many times have you heard a woman say this to you? Was there an article some women's magazine that instructed them to stick to this script? But I digress... Her fat pussy has some triangle-shaped hair on it (#bringbackthebush). They pour some lube on her ass and make it shiny. She continues to ride the cock and takes a cumshot to the mouth. It isn't a big cumshot, so she has no trouble swallowing it. The dude was obviously disappointed with himself, so he keeps fucking her and tries again. The next cumshot is a little better, but still nothing worth writing home about. Hey, at least he tried!

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Jun 17, 3:37 pm

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