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Hey everyone, I am A.J Applegate aka Kaylee Evans aka Ajay Applegate. I am a petite pornstar from New York with wavy blonde hair and a sweet little ass. Some people say I look like Christina Applegate, but I dunno. I guess I can see the resemblence. I have been working in porn since 2012, and my dream is to have my own production company in the future. I used to be a cheerleader and stripper for a while in Hartford, Connecticut. Now I am a part-time Zumba instructor and full-time slut. I am here to stay, folks, so get used to it.

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May 27, 11:33 am

AJ Appletegate Fucked in Ass, Covered in Cum
AJ Appletegate Fucked in Ass, Covered in Cum

Pornstar AJ Applegate has small tits, but her fat ass makes up for it. She reveals during the interview that she loves getting throat fucked. Luckily, our stud is going to deliver! First he pours chocolate syrup and whipped cream all over her booty and licks it off like a savage. Then he burries his pole in AJ's tight ass hole. Next, he pours whipped cream on his schlong and lets AJ go to town on him from ass to mouth. After she licks him clean, he resumes fucking her ass greek style. At the end of this full length free porn from PAWG (pwg11108), our stud shoots his load all over AJ Applegate's big juicy bottom.

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