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hi! i am alexis blaze. i am an aquarius from las vegas. my cute little teen face and petite body have turned me into a bonafide pornstar. my fans love me, and i want you to love me, too. i only weigh 110lbs and i stand short at 5'1". i am what you would call "a spinner" hehe. i created this profile to share some of my favorite scenes with my fans. check out my videos and let me know what you think. if you like what you see, i'll upload more.

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Jun 21, 9:41 am

Smoking Amateur Shows Alexis Blaze Casting Video
Smoking Amateur Shows Alexis Blaze Casting Video

22 year old Alexis Blaze visits the BangBros studio all the way from Las Vegas for her fist casting video on Hoes in Headlights (episode hih13393). We find her sitting outside and smoking a cigarette She wants to know what she is getting into. The cameraman gives her the rundown: We will interview you, film you naked, and have someone fuck her in front of the camera. This is apparently her first porn shoot. She's never had sex in front of someone with a camera, so she is a bit nervous. Her face is really pretty and she looks very innocent. Her body is petite and slender and her eyes are blow. She is wearing short shorts and long tube socks with pink stripes. The cameraman asks her what her favorite positions are and she responds with "missionary and sex". She seems pretty inexperienced. The cameraman then starts to talk about dick sizes and male attractiveness. He has a theory that pretty guys have small, soft dicks, and that ugly guys have big, hard dicks. I think it is pretty safe to bet that the cameraman is ugly as sin. She takes off her shorts and starts rubbing her pussy while still smoking her cigarette. At that moment, a new male stud shows up for work that day. He gets an unscheduled blowjob from Alexis Blaze. She pulls his dick out and starts smoking, while still holding on to her damn cigarette. They continue the action indoors, and just like that they are having sex on the couch. She has freckles and moles all over her pale white chest. It looks attractive, though; not at all disgusting or gross. The stud gives her a messy cumshot to the face and gets his jizz deep inside her nostrils. That was a lot of fun, hope you guys enjoyed it.

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Jun 17, 3:40 pm

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