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I am the MILF of all MILFs. There is no other mother on this planet you'll want to fuck more than me. Is it because of my sultry face? My big tis? My delicious, round white ass? All of the above, mister. I'm a small town girl from Pennsylvania who loves big cocks. Do you have one for me?

PS - Yes, I am that hot babe from The Bait Bus.

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May 17, 11:41 am

Big Tits Mom Alexis Fawx Takes Dick on MILF Lessons
Big Tits Mom Alexis Fawx Takes Dick on MILF Lessons

That big tit MILF from The Bait Bus finally stops teasing and finally starts fucking. After meeting up with Preston in South Beach, Alexis Fawx takes him back to her house for one-on-one Milf Lesson. She shows off her incredible breasts and her hot yoga body. Can you believe she has 2 kids? I sure can't! Then out of nowhere, some Latino stud shows up to sling dick. After some sucky sucky on the couch, Ms. Fawx plants her clean shaven snatch on that pipe and goes to town. After hammering down on that pussy for a good length of time, this stud shoulds a frothy load all over Alexis Fawx's freckled titties. This episode (ms7120) is brought to you in its entirety, completely uncut. Hope you enjoy your free full length porn video!

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