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Anastasia Morna aka Anna Morna is Miami, FL, native that was born on New Years Day in 1990. She is tall and slender at 5 ft 9 in, with small tits. Her measurements are 34B-31-34 and she weighs in at 145lbs. Her porn career started in 2011. She looks like a fashion model and fucks like a pornstar.

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Jul 04, 10:00 am

Anastasia Morna Sexy Amateur POV Casting Free Porn
Anastasia Morna Sexy Amateur POV Casting Free Porn

Preston Parker has a new amateur to interview. Her name is Anastasia Morna and she is sexy as fuck. She has long, slender legs, and a beautiful model face. Her blue eyes and big smile will charm you. Her natural tits and womanly curves will completely seduce you. And she is totally friendly, too. Preston slyly manipulates her with his soothing voice. He is putty in his hands and will do anything to please him. Her teeth are so white and perfect, like her father is a dentist or something. Her pussy is small and perfect. There is a little bit of peach fuzz on her clit. If this video were any more HD, I would be tempted to lick my screen! Her skin is pretty tan for a white girl. Her small, natural tits are perfect and look great on her. She is wearing a short jeans skirt, which makes her legs look long and fantastic. When she drops to her knees and Preston puts his big, ugly dick on her face, it is almost a disappointment; watching something so pretty getting defiled by a grotesque phallus is both a turn off... and a huuuuge turn on. She seems to be cool with it, so why should I front? I should just shut up, grab my dick, and enjoy the show. So that is what I will do. When Anastasia takes off all her clothes, my dick begins to tingle. She is smoking hot. She is that popular girl in school that every guy dreamed of banging but could never hope to get. Preston lays flat on the floor and she climbs aboard. His tight dick barely fits inside her tiny pussy, but she gets it in there and is riding it like a pro in no time. We catch a glimpse of her tragic tramp stamp--it reads "Stamper". What on Earth could that possibly mean? Next, Anastasia lies on the desk and Preston fucks her missionary style. The action gets hot and heavy and it looks like Preston is about to pop. Anastasia drops to her knees and licks Preston's balls while he jerks off to keep up the momentum. He paints her face with a gallon of jizz that leaves her absolutely drenched. That fucker never disappoints, w

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