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Hello everyone! My name is Anikka Albrite and I am from the Czech Republic. I've been around the block a few times, working for many different studios. They say my ass is divine. Some call me a PAWG, or a Whooty -- a white girl with a booty! This is true. I have a badonkadonk. You are welcome to stare. Anyways, I am here to share a little bit of myself with you. I hope you like it.

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May 17, 10:52 am

Blonde PAWG Anikka Albrite Gets Fucked Hard by BangBros
Blonde PAWG Anikka Albrite Gets Fucked Hard by BangBros

Anikka Albrite is what you would call a PAWG or a Whooty (White Girl with a Booty). Her ass is perfection! As the director puts it, someone might mistake her bubble butt for a pot of gold. They certainly broke the mold after this one. I have never seen an ass quite like this! And from a Czech pornstar no less. Our stud doesn't waste much time. He dives into that fat ass nose first and digs his tongue deep for a rimjob that leaves that taint bright and clean. After the mandatory pre-game blowjob, Ms. Albrite hops on the magic stick and rides it like there is no tomorrow. Lucky for us, the director is an ass man, so we get to watch that majestic badonkadonk bounce around in HD with very little interruption. Isn't free full length porn the best? Stay tuned for more!

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