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Austin Taylor has the classic voluptuous body, which means she is all woman in every way possible. When she walks her ass just shakes. Her ass is an absolute attention grabber, because when it catches your attention your tempted to grab it, and her tits are a definite attention grabber as well. Austin is a strong performer. Her blowjobs are sensuous. To witness Austin ride cock is a treat because her ass just looks so good as she grinds, and bounces on the dick. Austin is a hottie who just oozes sex.

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Aug 17, 3:24 pm

PAWG Austin Taylor gets a big cock deep inside her
PAWG Austin Taylor gets a big cock deep inside her

Here we are with another entry for Pawg (pwg11921), and who better than Austin Taylor to show us just how big of a booty white girls can really have. She is outside in the backyard looking like she's ready to go to the beach. As always, we start off with some interview questions first and Austin admits that she loves kissing more than anything. Sucking on lips, sticking her tongue down your throat, sucking on your tongue, etc. In her personal life, foreplay is very important. With having such a big ass I ask her if guys gravitate towards her booty more than other parts of her and she says, yes, but it sometimes depends on what she's wearing. She likes it when guys are gentle and sensual with her ass since it's so soft. Although she admits that sometimes she loves letting guys have their way with her. I think everyone always likes a mix of the two but it just depends on the mood. When she's in the height of passion she likes getting spanked, for sure. Austin stands up for us and jiggles dat azz for us. Then we bring her inside and she starts jumping rope. I'm not going to lie, I think her clothes are getting in the way of her jumping so we tell her take them off. She takes off her top first to reveal those amazing big tits. Then she takes off her tight jean shorts and panties. Chris arrives with his big cock and they get busy. Austin gives him a sloppy blowjob and her eyes start to water as she chokes on his dick. Next, Chris bends her over and pounds that pussy. I love the way her big ass jiggles with every thrust. Austin moans louder and louder until she cums. She talks so dirty and squeals like a little girl as her pussy gets stretched. Once Austin starts begging for Chris's cum, he can't hold out any longer and shoots is load all over her face for an epic facial.

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