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Dec 08, 6:10 pm

Alanis - Old school Bangbus busty MILF goodie
Alanis - Old school Bangbus busty MILF goodie

You know what is great about Bangbus? These little gems that are sprinkled all around, almost in a magical kinda secret kinda way. Case in point, this video, titled Alanis. This is a real deal Miami Latina Cubana mama who just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time. Anyhoo, one fine day we spied this busty milf lady in Little Havana and thought she might be up for a little fun. We even happened to have a super white bread wonder guy with us to entice this mamacita. And the rest, well the rest is just another small piece in the big puzzle of Bangbus history. Enjoy!

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