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Bella Bellz aka Bella Bends is a sexy Aries PAWG with Native American (Cherokee) roots. Her big ass is now world famous, and it is covered in a huge tattoo that covers her back, buttocks and left arm. She has been active in porn since 2014. Her best movies often feature hardcore anal sex.

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Jun 07, 4:57 pm

Big Ass Bella Bellz Anal Sex Free Porn Video
Big Ass Bella Bellz Anal Sex Free Porn Video

Bella Bellz is a sexy PAWG with some Native American ancestry that contributes to her unique look. In this free full-length BangBros video (episode pwg13993), Bella shows off her big booty in short shorts that have her butt cheeks hanging out of them. She is wearing colorful knee-high socks, a small sky blue top, and big hoop earrings. Her dragon tattoo is enormous and it covers her entire back and ass. After twerking a bit, she pulls off her shorts to reveal a bejeweled butt plug in her ass. She is pretty famous for this--you may have noticed her do this once or twice before. I guess she really likes foreign objects in her anus! She pulls out the ass toy and continues to shake and wiggle her fat ass. Her booty shaking is hypnotizing! She turns around and reveals a tiny bit / very tasteful amount of hair on her pornstar twat. Her tits are perky, and the nipples are at full attention. Once the stud enters the picture, he goes straight to worshipping ass. He licks that sucker clean and gives a pretty decent rimjob. Bella gets into it and grinds her ass on his face. Not to be outdone, she gets on her knees and starts blowing her male co-star while he lays back on the couch. She spits on his dick and makes it nice and wet. She jerks him off as she sucks his dick like a true professional. Her gold nail polish looks great as her hand slides up and down his shaft. Once the cock is all lubed up with saliva, it gets jammed balls deep into Bella Bellz's ass hole. They go straight to anal and do not bother fucking around with vaginal sex. The stud is pretty much in control throughout this entire experience, hammering away doggy style and through many other positions that involve him being on top. When all is said and done, homie takes his dick from ass to mouth and shoots his load inside Bella Bell'z throat.

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