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Belle Knox aka Lauren aka Aurora is an American pornstar who is best known for filming herself doing naughty things at her school, Duke University. She began doing porn to pay for her $60,000 / year tuition. Her name is derived from Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Amanda Knox (alleged criminal). Belle Knox is actively politically and is known for standing up for women's rights. Most of her famous scenes were filmed while she was a teenager.

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Jun 09, 12:17 pm

Duke University Legend Belle Knox Sucks Dick for College
Duke University Legend Belle Knox Sucks Dick for College

BangBros Blowjob Fridays episode bj3131 brings us the infamous Belle Knox who became popular for masturbating in front of a webcam while at Duke University. This skinny pornstar is young, smart and sexy. She looks like she might be Jewish, too, which is pretty hot. She is wearing a skimpy little outfit, and her long skinny legs look great in her tight shorts. She is craving some cock real bad because she hasn't had any in a long time. The camera man offers her a solution and introduces her to the hung handyman, Rich. Richard is busy in the workshop tinkering with some TV parts, pretending to know how to use a Dremmel. Belle Knox and the cameraman walk in and ask him if he'd be down for a blowjob. Richie Rich is always down for a blowjob! Once Ms. Knox gets the green light, she immediately drops to her knees and starts to please. She pulls out Ricky's horse dick and starts deepthroating it right away. It's like she has no gag reflex! Those are some serious blowjob skills, man. She will be able to pay for college in no time if she keeps this up! Ricardo's hog starts to get a little limp (because how can you keep that much blood in a big dick for so long), so Belle gets a little more aggressive to help him climax. She moans and makes a lot of exaggerated sucking noises with her mouth and it seems to do the trick. That dick gets fully recharged and after a bit more sucky-sucky, the stud finishes on Belle Knox's face and delivers a truly worth facial. The hot cum gets all over her chest. She seems OK with it, though. The helpful director escorts her back to the makeup room to get cleaned up.

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