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Big tits, curvy beauty Beverly Paige is a sexy BBW pornstar from St. Helena, California. She was born on December 17, 1990. Her unparalleled rack, 42FF-30-40 measurements, and laid back attitude has made her a fan favorite. She does not like bestiality, hates people that abuse the quick checkout lanes at the supermarket, and loves going to concerts. Her favorite video game is Fable. She doesn't date women because bitches be cray, but she will have sex with them. And she likes BDSM. Her celebrity crushes include Michael Cera and Andy Samberg.

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Jun 17, 2:12 pm

Beverly Paige Bouncing Big Tits Round Ass on BangBros
Beverly Paige Bouncing Big Tits Round Ass on BangBros

Beverly Paige is that unicorn that every guy dreams of. She is smart, funny, into videos games, and is HOT AS FUCK. Her big tits and round ass are second to none, as is her cute, round face. She looks like a cartoon character! This btra10542 clip opens up with Beverly showing off her cheerleading skills. She jumps around and her gigantic tits flop around uncontrollably. She then pours some whipped cream on her tits and talks about deepthroating. Apparently, she can take a dick down her throat, but it depends on the guy's cock size and how much she likes him. Being the semen vampire that she is, she is probably going to be down to always try. She is very chatty and continues to ramble on about this and that. She seems bored. I think she may have A.D.D. She shows off her ass and starts rubbing whipped cream all over herself. She says she has 8 different boyfriends, and that none of them know each other. By the time the stud shows up to party, Beverly has made quite a mess of herself. He begins to lick the dairy product off of her bosom. She motorboats him and fingers herself while moaning like a slut. The stud enjoyed his afternoon snack and sprays more whipped cream on her tits. She asks for a banana, so he places his giant cock in between her tits and she titty fucks him. Next, she gives him a fantastic blowjob and then leans back on the couch to get fucked. The hung stud climbs aboard and starts pounding away. Beverly is drunk with desire enjoys the entire experience from start to finish when the stud cums all over her face and tits.

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