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Brandi Love is a MILF that loves making porn videos. She entered the porn industry after she was already over the age of 30, and began making waves immediately. She started with her own site, but quickly got picked up for many production companies and studios. She is known for her big tits, blonde hair, and nice round ass. She is the MILF many dream of when they are younger, and she delivers with great blowjobs and sexual performances. A hot wife for anyone, she has helped set the standard for what MILFs are in porn and other videos.

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Mar 10, 4:35 pm

Brandi Love is a MILF that knows how to fuck
Brandi Love is a MILF that knows how to fuck

Brandi Love is stacked, with some nice big tits and a nice big ass. She may be a MILF, but she is what guys dream. Chris Strokes is there to satisfy her younger cock craving. She gets her pussy rubbed down and her tits sucked on. It's not much longer till Brandi is on her knees and sucking Chris's big dick, trying to deepthroat. While sucking his dick she gets her tits fucked and is soon riding that cock. She is loving it and soon she gets her cum load sprayed into her pussy for a creampie.

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