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Breanne Benson moved to America when she was around seven years old. In 2003 she entered the adult industry doing photo shoots. Less than a year later she expanded into solo and girl on girl videos. At the end of 2004 she took a short hiatus to become a feature dancer at popular strip club in Las Vegas. She returned to porn in 2009 and began doing boy/girl scenes. Her exotic face and all natural body make her one of the most sought after women to film. In 2010 she was one of the first actresses to appear in 3d pornographic movies

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Apr 11, 2:20 pm

Breanne Benson free porn video full length
Breanne Benson free porn video full length

Breanne Benson is taking her number one fan out on a blind date. On the way to their first event she takes his dick out and teases him by sucking on the head of his cock. They start with some indoor soccer but with a twist, its strip soccer. With every goal scored you have to lose a piece of clothing. This guy doesn't take it easy on her and has her naked in no time

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