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Brooklyn Jade is a hot brunette chick that we picked up on the bangbus. It was first time to ever do anything like this on film, and she thinks its probably one of the craziest things that she's ever done. This hottie was born on July 1, 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. She has a cute 5'4" body measuring 34-27-36. She loved using her tongue on our guy on film and let us know that she really likes riding reverse cowgirl.

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Nov 02, 2:15 pm

Brooklyn Jade Gets Pussy Stretched by Monster of Cock
Brooklyn Jade Gets Pussy Stretched by Monster of Cock

Brooklyn Jade is in the Bangbros house for the one and only Monsters of Cock! On this interracial episode (mc11380), Ms. Jade is hanging out on the couch preparing herself mentally for what she is about to endure. Our stud is chatting and sizing her up. He knows what is about to happen and is he patiently waiting for his opportunity to stretch that fine white pussy. Ms. Jade is a very pretty girl with long brown hair and impressive blue eyes. Her body is amazing, especially dat azz. She is wearing short jean shorts that also show off her sexy legs. But you are not here to learn about Brooklyn, are you? You want to watch what she can do. Worry not, dear friends, about 7 minutes into this free full length porn video, the hot pornstar begins to fluff up the big black cock. Her handjob skills are quite on point. I'm so glad she decided to wear red nail polish because it is hypnotizing to watch her fingers in motion as she tugs on the big dick. The stud strips her down and lays her on her back. He shoves his monster sausage into her pink pussy and eases it in. Brooklyn's eyes light up. She knew it would be huge, but not that huge! As the seconds pass, the cock starts slamming into the pussy harder and harder. She climbs on top and rides his soul pole like a true whore. Oil is poured over her magnificent ass to make it shine just the way our viewers like it. In the end, she takes a warm nut to the chest. She lets the cum sit there as she reflects on what just happened. There is no going back now, Brooklyn. Good luck fucking a white guy ever again. It just won't be the same!

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