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Callie Cobra aka Callie Carter aka Ashlynn Green aka Shaye Rivers is a blonde skater girl from San Diego, California, USA. She was born on July 16, 1991. Her eyes are green and she is pretty short at 5 ft 4 in. Her measurements are 32A-23-34. You would eat her ass if she asked you to.

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Nov 26, 9:33 am

Petite White Girl Takes Big Black Dick in Tight Twat
Petite White Girl Takes Big Black Dick in Tight Twat

Callie Cobra is a beautiful, young and petite blonde from Laguna Beach with a sexy body. She is also a size queen. She loves big dicks, especially those of the black variety. That is why she stopped by Monsters of Cock (mc9870) today. She knows BangBros does not disappoint, and she's right. The video opens up with them on a hill somewhere in California. She's got a skateboard that she doesn't know how to use. She sits down on it and attempts to scoot down the street but it is freaking her out. Since it is not likely that she'll be in the Xgames anytime soon, the director gives her a little interview. We learn that she likes big black cocks and that's about it. Lucky for her, Mr. Johnny Depth in-house. If you are not familiar with his work, he's got an alarmingly large anaconda living in his pants. I mean, this guy would put a horse to shame. But Callie is pretty confident that she can handle it. It does not fit in her mouth, but will it fit in her pussy? Let's find out. They head inside and get straight to business. After some more blowjob action, Callie pulls off her sexy little panties and lies on her back on the couch. Johnny buries his bone in her tight pussy and eases it in. He does not get balls deep in missionary, so she gets on top of him. Johnny moans like he is in heaven. I am not a fan of dudes making sounds in porn, so I basically put this thing on mute at this point. I am still waiting to see if she can take the full D. They switch position a couple of times and end up in doggystyle, her favorite position. He still cannot get it all the way in. But that's OK. It feels good, anyway. He puts her on her knees and jerks off in her face. He cums hard and delivers a pornstar worthy facial that leaves hot jizz dripping off of her chin. The director gets a real kick out of that and he gets a close-up shot of the gooey sperm before the movie ends.

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