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Hey guys, I am Caroline Pierce. I from Las Vegas, and I have been working in porn since 1997. Guys really love my big, fat ass. I have a wide range of interests that include voice acting, stage acting, learning Japanese, and starring in erotic horror films. I like to stay busy. I have a lot of tattos and piercings... try to spot them all :) If you want to chat, send me a PM. I check in every now and then.

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May 25, 10:27 am

Big Ass Full Length Free Porn with Caroline Pierce
Big Ass Full Length Free Porn with Caroline Pierce

Caroline Pierce may have the best ass I have ever seen. This big booty white girl should have her picture in the dictionary next to the word PAWG. After the director spends 10+ minutes obsessing over her big butt, the stud dives in nose first for a rimjob. He licks that ass hole clean in preparation for the dicking. What follows is a decent blowjob scene, and some epic riding scenes with the focus on DAT AZZ. This is the video you are going to bust a nut to today, gentlemen.

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