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I am not gonna lie. I am a pervert. I like doing weird shit, and I jerk off to weird porn. My latest obsession has been these flashing videos that have appeared online everything. I actually found out about pornspot.com because some posted his flashing videos on a message board I follow. I liked what this guy was doing and he made it seem so simple. I decided to give it a shot myself, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, the good news is that making these videos is totally doable. The bad news is, it ain't exactly easy. But it is so worth it in the end, because you have something cool you can share with people online.

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Sep 21, 8:00 am

Ebony babe helps me jack off behind hair salon
Ebony babe helps me jack off behind hair salon

I parked behind a hair salon and waited for one of them to take out the trash. A black babe covered in tattoos showed up and she just happened to notice me as she turned around to head back in. She stopped dead in her tracks and saw me staring at her, and she asked me if I was waiting for someone. That was a great question, and a very practical one. I could tell this one was smart. I tell her no, and that this is just my thing. Well that doesn't make any sense to her, so she takes a couple of steps forward while asking me what it is that I'm doing, if not waiting for someone. That's when she notices me stroking my big cock and she isn't even fazed. Her only question as she looks around is, "Here in the parking lot?" Yes, I tell her, and I also tell her that she's very gorgeous and I wouldn't mind if she could stick around to watch me. She laughs and looks back at the hair salon entrance. She's probably hoping that none of the other girls walk out of there and get her in trouble. I tell her it could just be for a few minutes, and she agrees. I tell her again how beautiful I think she is and she leans into the car to watch. "At least it looks nice," she says as she looks at my dick. I tell her thank you and that I love her smile and eyes, but mostly her eyes. She blushes again as she says thank you and even offers to help me. I graciously accept and she reaches down to jerk me off until I cum all over her soft hand. That was just incredible.

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