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Big tit MILF Claire Dames burst onto the adult scene in 2007 when she appeared on BangBros.com. Right away, fans fell in love with her Native American looks and her chill attitude. She is short, standing only 5'4" tall. Her eyes are green, her nipples are puffy, and her pussy is TIGHT. She won the AVN award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene in 2009 for Night of the Giving Head.

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Jun 07, 5:40 pm

Natural Big Tits MILF Claire Dames Gets Nice Ass Fucked
Natural Big Tits MILF Claire Dames Gets Nice Ass Fucked

Big tits MILF Claire Dames shows up to BangBros (episode rm10898) to have a good time. She is wearing a skimpy outfit that shows off her giant melons, and she jiggles them around for the cameraman. This chick is beautiful, a total babe. She is standing on a balcony and the sunlight is making her skin glow like some kind of sexy angel. Once inside the condo, she removes her gray pants to reveal a purple thong buried deep in her round ass. She is the total package! She continues to show off her assets, sexually gyrating and moving around for our visual pleasure. After rubbing her pussy a bit in the living room, a slick-haired stud waltzes in and starts sucking on her fantastic boobs. This guy looks like one of the Greaser characters from The Outsiders. Stay Gold, Ponyboy! She sucks his cock a bit to lube it up for some titty fucking action. Our stud hammers away at those breasts like it was a pussy. He then gets a bit more oral from Ms. Dames before slapping on a condom and going to town. He hits it doggy style and she moans like it is the best sex she's ever had. She lays down on the couch and takes it from the side, like a trooper. You can almost smell the sex in the air. Our stud gives it all he has and then stands up to deliver the finale. Claire Dames drops to her knees and prepares for the cumshot. She is expecting it to be amazing but, when all is said and done, it left quite a lot to be desired. Still, she doesn't bat an eye and laps it all up. She licks her lips seductively and smiles at the camera as she swallows the load.

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