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I'm a Voice Professional / Photographer / Computer & Cellular Expert (Guru-Geek)
I'm a telecom manager at a current Presidential candidate's campaign.
My I.Q. is triple verified at over 188.
I do NOT "Pay - 4 - Play"; so, if that's what YOU are all about, I suggest that you move on to someone who's gullible; and willing to lower his personal standards, since, if that's your desire, than, sadly, you've lowered your standards to that of "Whore". I don't do "Whores".

With that being said, if you're still reading, and there's anything that you'd like to ask me, or tell me, then, by all means, feel free to call me at 215/287-0400. OR, you can Skype me at Cliffy444.

If we click, we can proceed to the next plateau of our relationship; BUT, only after we've actually spoken, on the phone of on Skype.
If you're not willing to have a spoken conversation, than again, I suggest that you move on; because I don't want someone pretending to be someone or something else.
I offer 150% integrity and I expect the same, in return.

SO, now that I've weeded out the opportunists and the "players", I'm looking forward to hearing from you. - So, what are you waiting for? - Go ahead and call or Skype me.

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April 7, 2016

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