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Courtney Cummz aka Ciurtney Cums aka Courtney Cummins aka Keri is an award-winning American pornographic actress that was born on December 4, 1981, in Shepherstown, West Virginia, USA. She got her start in 2004 and immediately started performing anal scenes, about 30 per month. To date, she has been in over 350 porn films and directed over 20 of them. She has appeared on the mainstream television show "The Unit" and is a weekly guest on a radio show that is broadcast in Washington, D.C.

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Jul 12, 12:28 pm

Busty Courtney Cummz fucks at the strip club
Busty Courtney Cummz fucks at the strip club

Courtney arrived in the morning so we had a couple hours to kill before she was supposed to arrive on set. As we're driving she spots a strip club and begs us to take her there. It's noon on a Tuesday so I'm sure the club's dead. She tells us that she's danced in the middle of the day before and there's usually a crowd around lunch time. She loves seeing the men's faces as they watch her. Are they getting turned on? Are they going to go to the bathroom and jerk off real quick? Are they going to go home and fuck their wives or their girlfriends? I can tell she's really excited as we pull into the parking lot and she hops out of the car. We walk in and sure enough like I told her there was only a couple people. She doesn't seem to mind and watches the dancer on stage and then throws her a couple singles. Then Courtney gets on the stage and starts to shake her ass with a big smile on her face. One of the guys starts throwing singles at her so she starts taking off her clothes. I get the MC to make a special announcement for her as she hops on stage in just her panties. She starts swinging around the brass pole and then hops down and rubs her tits in a lucky guy's face. I guess showing up to the strip club in the middle of the day wasn't such a bad idea after all. Once she's showered in dollar bills she takes off her panties and shows off her pussy. Then she starts giving lapdances as she works her way from stage to stage. When she gets to the last one she finds a lone stud that she finds really sexy. While giving him a lapdance she can feel how big his cock is. She pulls it out and sucks his dick right there in the club. She gags as she tries to deepthroat it and tells him to go with her in the back. She tells me to come along as well to get it all on camera. Once in the back room they fuck in multiple positions until she takes a fat load all over her face. Not a bad day's work, and we still have a shoot to get to. (BBC12096)

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