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Eden Adams was born of Caucasian descent. At 5’7, 110lbs, her measurements are 34A-25-34. She has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade of a large heart with a girl’s torso, and face. She has a tongue and a navel piercing. In 2008 she entered the industry and since then she has amassed over 12 performer credits which includes facial bald, swallow, lesbian only, and traditional hardcore scenes. Sin City, Red Light District, and Hustler Video are some of the major studios she has worked for.

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Sep 09, 9:00 am

Big tits Eden Adams enjoys massage and big cock
Big tits Eden Adams enjoys massage and big cock

We're here at the BangBros Porn Star Spa (POS11341) with Eden Adams. This blonde bombshell is in her workout shorts and training bra, and we find her doing some stretches outside. Her body looks amazing in those tight clothes as she does some reps on the workout machines. She takes off her training bra and plays with her big tits and perky nipples. And then she leans back and stretches out her legs. She gets on her hands and knees and it looks like that big ass is about make those shorts rip. Then she takes them off and is completely naked as she does a some more stretches. That's when she gets a call from her friend who recommends that she get a massage to loosen up her muscles. It turns out this guy will actually come to your home to give you a massage. Her friend recommends him highly so Eden figures why the heck not. She schedules an appointment with him for later in the day and when he arrives she answers the door in a towel. He goes ahead sets up the massage table. Then he gives her an assessment since it'll be the first massage she receives from him. He tells her that her upper back needs some help and then grabs her upper thighs and works his way down her legs. He grabs her tits and Eden is shocked at what he's doing. He tells her that he just wants to know what he's working with and he keeps going. It feels so good that Eden doesn't tell him to stop but the situation is just weird. He starts to squeeze harder and her towel comes off and he tells her not to worry about it. Then he lays her down on the massage table and oils her up front and back. Next, he reaches for her pussy and spreads her legs open to eat her out. He takes off his clothes as well and she starts sucking his big cock. Finally, he makes her cum multiple times by stretching out that pussy. When it is his turn, he puts her on her knees and gives her a nice facial cum shot. She can't wait to schedule her next appointment. But the masseuse seems to be over it.

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