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Portuguese knockout Erica Fontes had always dreamed of being a pornstar. She made her dreams cum true in 2009 at the tender age of 18. She has performed live sex shows in Portugal and posed for magazines, including Maxim. This blonde hottie knows what she wants and is grabbing the bull by the... cock. She is very thin and slim, weighing only 99lbs. Check out her free videos on this channel!

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Jun 10, 5:20 pm

Portuguese Pornstar Erica Fontes on Monsters of Cock
Portuguese Pornstar Erica Fontes on Monsters of Cock

BangBros presents another classic episode of Monsters of Cock (mc8949) featuring the one and only Erica Fontes, a skinny Portuguese pornstar. Ladies and gentlemen, Barbie and Black Ken are in the house today. Erica has bright, platinum blonde hair with bangs, and a banging hot body. She is wearing short shorts and a pink tanktop, and she's sitting on top of her black co-star who appears to be falling in love. He caresses her soft skin and repeatedly says "why, damn". Erica strips down to her pink underwear and immediately pulls out the monster cock. The big black dick is almost as big as her entire head! But she assures the cameraman and the stud that she can handle it. She seems pretty cocky, too. Let's see how she does... After licking that pole clean, she gets naked and climbs on top. Her overseas pussy is so tight that this LA homeboy can barely fit it in. He jams his pipe inside her pussy but he can only get half of it in. She moans loudly, and appears to be in a little bit of pain. With each thrust, her pussy gets a little wetter and his dick digs in a little deeper. She sucks her pussy juice off of his dick and bends over doggystyle for him. The stud jackhammers her pussy some more, but he still can't get it all the way inside. She pushes him back in protest a few times as her pussy juices continue to drip out. She sits on top of his dick and rides him reverse cowgirl. It is beginning to look like her pussy has loosened up a bit because that cock is now almost balls deep inside. Her small tits do not move at all while she bounces up and down on that cock. They change positions a couple more times and then it's all over. The stud pulls his dick out of her pussy and jerks off to shoot a frothy load all over her face.

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