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Estrella was born in San Diego, California on October 25, 1988. She entered the porn industry in 2008.

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Jul 22, 1:58 pm

Estrella Flores enjoys her first BBC times two
Estrella Flores enjoys her first BBC times two

Usually we come up with a story for the girl who appears in the video but this time we have no story because the truth is so much better than any fiction. Estrella Flores has never been with a black man before, at all. Not even in her personal life. So now we're going to pop her black cock cherry with not just one, but TWO big black dicks. She laughs nervously as we talk to her and we can see her hands shaking. She laughs again and covers her mouth like she's embarrassed. This just makes her all the more adorable. She's only ever dated Latino men, but now it's time for change. She admits that she's nervous because she's heard that black men have big penises and she doesn't know if she'd like it that big. Estrella currently lives in Los Angeles but was born in Mexico. The guys are turned on by her accent and tell her to speak Spanish while they're fucking. She can say whatever she wants, even a grocery list, it won't matter. This makes her laugh and they all start taking off their clothes. They love her small tits and begin sucking on her nipples. They take off her jeans and they start giving her a couple of spanks before pulling off her panties. They admire how nice her pussy looks and the landing strip that she has right above it. One of them starts licking her pussy while she sucks the other's dick. After a while they switch, and after licking her pussy for a minute he inserts his cock and pounds that big Latin ass of hers until she cums. Then they each take turns fucking her pussy in multiple positions before they each cum on her face. Looks like she found a new favorite thing to do.

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