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I am a maverick in this society. I live life on the edge, and by my own rules. I am a professional promotional model and adult actress with a variety of acting and various work experience as well. I am a plant-based nutrition and food expert with a variety of experience working with different organic vegan brands and studying nutrition and plant-based/holistic lifestyle.

In addition to focusing on healthy living, I am a drummer, a dancer, a motorcyclist and dirtbiker, a nomadic traveler, a yoga enthusiast and trainer, an outdoor fitness advocate (NO GYMS), a writer, photographer and a lover/collector of tattoos, astrology, teas, nature, animals and spirituality. I am also in a trap band with a few friends called SLUDGE.

Contact me: felicityxxxfeline@gmail.com

https://www.facebook.com/felicityfeline @felicityxfelin https://www.instagram.com/felicityxfeline Cosmo Chameleon

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May 10, 12:59 am

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May 09, 11:26 pm

Kitty Play time
Kitty Play time


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