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Hello friends! I've been watching a lot of these amateur public flashing and hanjob videos lately. I am a real fan so I wanted to participate in the game. This is my attempt at contributing work to the cause haha. I want to know what you guys think. Please leave comments on my video so I know if I am doing good enough. Thanks!

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Sep 14, 8:00 am

She takes a selfie with my flashing cock and jerks it
She takes a selfie with my flashing cock and jerks it

I decided to park on the side of the road and catch this chubby Latina chick that was walking by. She was just doing her thing and when she looked my way she noticed my cock immediately. The BBW lifts up her sunglasses in disbelief, like as if the shades were what was making it look like a big hard cock was being stroked. She tells me that I'm parked next to an office building and a lot of people are always walking in and out of there. Good, I thought to myself lol But I tell her that I have to. She asks me if I'm scared that I'm going to get caught and I say, no. I can tell she didn't think she would be in this situation when she woke up this morning. She needed a couple of seconds to process what was happening and to check out my package. She tells me to go ahead and do my thing and starts walking away, but I tell her to wait. I thought she came back a little too quickly like she really wanted to be there, which is more than fine by me. I ask her if she can watch me and she can't believe that I asked. She says, yes, and decides to help me out. I tell her I think she's pretty and she tells me that I have a nice cock. She asks me if I plan on cumming and I tell her "most definitely" and I ask if she can stay to watch until the end. Sure thing, she says yes and leans against my car to watch my throbbing member get jacked off. She even decides to help me by reaching in and stroking it herself. The feeling of her cool fingers against my warm cock was great. When I'm about to cum, I take over and she tells me to cum for her, and with that, I shoot a big load all over my stomach. She loved it, and so did I.

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