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Gianna Lace is a hot MILF pornstar from Florida with a thick booty and big natural tits. Her pussy is nice and well-maintained. She moonlights as a DJ and has played sets all over the world.

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Nov 21, 9:40 am

Sexy MILF Gianna Lace Rides a Big Cock with Her Big Ass
Sexy MILF Gianna Lace Rides a Big Cock with Her Big Ass

It is a lovely day in sunny South Florida. Hot MILF pornstar Gianna Lace is lounging by the pool and bay. She has short brown hair, a white tanktop, and pink shorts. The BangBros cameraman introduces himself and pulls up a lawn chair to talk to her. It turns out she is a local DJ. She's traveled all around the world plying her craft. But now she is home in Miami and she's ready to fuck on MILF Lessons for episode ml5876. They head indoors and hang out in the kitchen. She removes her clothes to reveal a pink bra and a brown thong. Her body is covered in tattoos; mostly large tribal art pieces that she most likely got in the early 2000s when that was popular. She removes her bra and her all natural 36C tits fall out. This girl is fit and sexy as hell. She hops on top of the island counter ad rinses off in the sink. In the background, you can see the stud sneaking a peek. He is intrigued and excited. He sneaks up behind her and helps her wash that pretty pussy. He fingers her roughly and some of the water splashes on the camera lens. She gets on all fours and he begins to watch her ass. And what an ass she has. It is round and jiggly and perfect. The water makes it shiny and extra nice. She sucks the stud's dick while he lies on the dining room table as a thank you. He then puts her on the table and begins to fuck her hairless, shaved pussy. She sits on top of him and rides with her tits facing the camera. She has a really tight body. You can tell she works out. She grinds that cock with her snatch with great ease. This is definitely not her first rodeo. She does such a good job that homeboy can't handle it. As he fucks her doggystyle, he pulls back and jerks off which causes him to cum all over her beautiful ass cheeks. She giggles and the jizz slides down her leg. That was super awesome! Did you guys enjoy that as much as I did?

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