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Heidi Mayne aka Hedi Mayne is a Caucasian pornstar from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA. Her measurements are 36D-30-36. Her big tits are fake. She is 5 ft 8 in tall and weighs about 134lbs. Most of that weight is in her tits. Her hair is usually blonde. She began filming porn in 2007.

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MILF Heidi Mayne A Serial Killer Who Fucks Her Victims
MILF Heidi Mayne A Serial Killer Who Fucks Her Victims

On this episode of Milf Soup (ms6829), Blonde white MILF Heidi Mayne is in her backyard burying something under her grapefruit tree. She's wearing a tight sports bra that makes her big tits look amazing, and running pants that make her nice ass look rounder. She goes for a run after stretching and her tits are bouncing all over the place. Some guy named David is on his way to work in his red Mustang when he spots the mature babe on the street. He hollers at her and she says he is young enough to be her son, but she is interested nonetheless. She invites him over to her garden and she shows off her prized plant that requires "special fertilizer". We can see there is a body buried under the tree when we see a hand sticking out of the dirt. She notices what's going on and tries to hide the evidence by kicking some dirt over the hand. She leads the young stud into her bedroom. Something shady is afoot. She seduces the Latino man and gets him naked. She sucks his dick and he appears to be in heaven. She then climbs on his dick and rides it like a pornstar. You know what they say about the crazy ones... they're really good in bed! And Heidi Mayne is really fucking crazy. David smashes that mature cougar pussy with his bareback cock and then she climbs down to siphon the cum out of his penis with her mouth. She then gets on top of him and tells him he needs to help her with her garden. David is starting to look worried. Heidi wraps her hands around his neck and chokes him to death... Now she has more fertilizer for her garden. This is definitely one of the darker BangBros movies, but also one of the best!

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