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Hello, guys, I love dick and wish I can get fucked all day, every day. I have a very high sex drive so I need sexual healing more than the average woman. My vagina is always wet and I love to suck cock. I decided to share my life with a special few.

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Jul 04, 12:44 pm

Amateur sex video with big butt freak in a club
Amateur sex video with big butt freak in a club

I always wanted to have sex on camera but the moment never played out due to the fact I always want it at the very moment, never have time to grab a camera. I was at work at the club and my body was on fire, craving some big dick right now. I was freshening up and my manager pulled his dick out, I guess he thought I was going to be nervous but the sight of a nice cock makes me instantly horny. His cock was thick just how I like them, so I stuffed it in my mouth and gobbled it up. he kept commenting on my body, praising my tits as I'm giving him a blowjob. His balls actually taste good, I had to lick them. I think he needed a break instead he pretended that he wanted me to switch positions. I threw his cock back in my mouth and I could see his knees kinda trembling so I stopped cause I didn’t want him to cum so fast. I know I have a big round ass, so I played on my stomach and just like I thought, he started fingering my pussy. The finger is cool but I wanted some dick, my pussy was soaking wet as he tried to put on a rubber but I cut that short, I want to feel everything inch of the cock raw. He deafeningly pounds my pussy good but I was ready to ride that pole now. I orgasm so freaking hard, it’s juiced all over everything even his hands but I licked it off. He thought I was done but I started riding that dick again and made him cum all on my pussy. Dang, I love the way his cum felt on me.

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