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Isis love was born August 27, 1980. At 5’6, 114lbs, her measurement is 34B with real tits. She has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade and a piercing on her navel. This Latin beauty entered the industry in 2002, and since then she has amassed over 63 titles. Her filmography includes masturbation, interracial,squirt,and lesbian scenes. Furthermore,Isis has also performed in water bondage sex acts. Isis has a relatively tall frame providing her an awesome screen presence. Her round ass and tall frame grants her Amazon goddess status. Isis constantly amazes us all with all the fetish scenes she continues to perform, but you haven’t seen Isis perform until you have seen her get pounded by a fucking machine.

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Aug 10, 4:00 pm

Big tits Latina Isis Love fucks assistant's big cock
Big tits Latina Isis Love fucks assistant's big cock

Busty MILF Isis Love appears on Milf Soup (MS6171) waiting for her driver to show up with the car. She looks at her phone and sees he's already five minutes late. This is unacceptable. Meanwhile, the driver is going as fast as he can to get there knowing that his job depends on it. He finally arrives half an hour late. Isis yells at him and he profusely apologizes for his tardiness. She orders him to open the door for her and the driver has trouble deciding if he should open the passenger side door or the backseat passenger door. Isis can't believe that he can't figure this out and she opens the door herself and gets in. She calls the driver's boss to tell him that he's been late for the third time this week. He pleads with her not to tell his boss but she doesn't care. It turns out the boss is out of the office for the day so she leaves a message and will call back tomorrow. He begs her to let him make this up to her. He'll mow her lawn, clean her gutters, absolutely anything. It turns out Isis does have a job for him and when they arrive at her house she takes him into the backyard and shows him a bird house that was destroyed and she hands him the tools to put it together. He tries his best but gets frustrated and decides to take a break. As he's walking around the house he spots her through the window naked in the bathroom about to hop in the shower. He pulls out his phone and snaps a couple of pictures and is almost caught. He goes back to work and she comes out wearing just a towel to review his work and he's no closer to getting it done. She can't believe how inefficient he is and realizes there's only one thing he can do for her. She takes him into the shade and sits on the bench and starts taking off his pants. He can't believe what she's doing and she gives him a blowjob. Then she makes him pound her in multiple positions on the back porch before he pulls out and shoots a fat load all over her stomach. Maybe she'll give him one more chance. Nope, she kicks

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