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Izzy-Bella Blu is a Latina from Miami, FL, USA. She was born on April 18, 1989. She lost her virginity at age 15 and first started doing hardcore porn at 18. She lives in Miami, FL, and Los Angeles, CA. She is sexy and has a pierced navel.


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Nov 20, 9:20 am

Wild Lesbian Orgy at Mansion with Strap-ons and Dildos
Wild Lesbian Orgy at Mansion with Strap-ons and Dildos

Today on Party of Three (ls9608), we have Izzy Bella Blu, Mercedes Lynn, Koi, and Melina Mason. These BangBros babes are about to engage is some hardcore lesbian strap-on action that is sure to make you cum all over yourself. They head to a sex shop to find some toys. There are a ton of dildos on the wall. They pull the items out of their packages and tease each other with them. Tits are flashing, girls are laughing... Good times! They then head back to a mansion that is located by the water and that is when the party starts. They start undressing each other and licking pussy right away. Someone pulls out a bottle of lube and fingers start penetrating ass holes. The strap-ons make an appearance and things get real. Two girls put them on and fuck the other two. Their big fake tits start jiggling around with each thrust. The camera zooms in and we get to see their perfect pussies and ass holes. More lube is poured on gashes and butt holes. Dildos are shoved deep inside every available hole. The cacophonous moaning sounds will alarm your household pets, so keep that in mind when adjusting your volume. The action somewhat arbitrarily comes to an end as one cannot very well expect a cum shot at the end of a lesbian orgy. But that's an idea, though. Manufacturers, consider making dildos with an ejaculation feature so that lesbian porn can end with an artificial facial. Is that crazy? What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

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