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Jasmine is a hot Latina with sexy feet from Miami Beach. She's 5 ft 1 in tall and has perfect, natural 34C tits.

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Nov 28, 9:30 am

Latina with Big Tits and Round Ass Fucks Big Dick Stud
Latina with Big Tits and Round Ass Fucks Big Dick Stud

Do you like Big Tits and Round Ass? Then Jasmine is the Latina pornstar for you. This BangBros (btra7175) porno opens up with Jasmine hanging out by the bay with her male co-star. She is wearing a blue tanktop and her tits are hanging out of them, covered up with a silky pink bra. Her skin is tan, her face is pretty and expressive. They pull her tits out of the bra to reveal perfect, round melons and large nipples that are hard and suckable. She shakes them for the camera and they jiggle like big natural tits would. They head indoors where Jasmine takes off her tight jeans and her underwear. Her pussy is hairless and pretty. She starts sucking cock and does an excellent job. She gets on her knees and takes the dick doggystyle. Her huge boobs swing beautifully as she grinds her cunt on the stud's cock. She then rides him front and back while making all of the effort. This lucky bastard just lies back and enjoys life. All he is missing is a cigar and a glass of wine. His biggest contribution to this full-length free porn video is standing up and jerking himself off until cumming all over her face. He gives her a sperm mustache and disappears. It's no longer about him. The director gets in close and captures all of the details of this fantastic facial.

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