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Jay Taylor aka Yippee Skip aka Jay Karups aka Yippieskip was born on June 29, 1991, in California, USA. She is slim, weighing in at 118lbs, standing 5 ft 8 in tall. Her tits are natural and very pretty. She continues to be active in the porn business.

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Nov 19, 9:31 am

Skinny babe Jay Taylor gets massage from Porn Star Spa
Skinny babe Jay Taylor gets massage from Porn Star Spa

Petite and lean pornstar Jay Taylor is out in the backyard by the pool doing some stretches. She has short brown hair, pale white skin, a hot pink sports bra, and tiny sky blue booty shorts that are see-through. Her legs are so skinny but very sexy. Jay Taylor is really hot. She is a babe, even. The cameraman remarks, "Oh, my god." The birds are chirping in the background. She gets naked and the camera zooms into her pretty pussy and ass hole. She then gets on an inversion table and hangs upside down. When she's done, her friend calls and recommends a masseuse. She reluctantly agrees to meet him today on really short notice. When he shows up, he sets up the table and she gets on top of it butt-naked. He sprays some cold oil on her back and begins to work her muscles. Her skin is milky white and flawless. He starts to rub her pussy which is as perfect as can be. This gets her riled up ad she reaches for his dick with her hand to put it in her mouth. She then gets on top and starts riding his cock. Her pussy gets nice and creamy. The raw penis rhythmically penetrates her vagina and she moans lovingly. Her friend was totally right about this guy. He puts her on all fours and begins to eat her ass. He then smashes that gash doggystyle. You can tell by the expression on his face that he is about to cum. She gets on her knees and anticipates the jizzy baptism. He busts a nut all over her mouth and she takes it like a champ. She says she feels so relaxed right now and she wants to see him again. He tells her to call him when she's ready and he'll try to fit her into his busy schedule. This dude is a hero. We should all strive to be like him.

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