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Jenaveve Jolie is a Mexican-American pornographic actress, nude model, and exotic dancer, that was born on June 4, 1984, in San Luis Obispo, California. She has an Aztec Indian heritage. She has been in over 400 adult films and has received numerous AVN Award nominations. She is currently married to a male pornstar named Kris Knight. Other variations of her name include: Jenivieve Jolie, Jeanave Jolee, Jenavieve Jolie, Jeneveve Jollie, Jeneveve Jolie, Jenavive, Jenaveve, Jenavive Jolie, Jenavieve Jolle, Jenaveve Jolee, Jenaveve Joli, Jenevieve

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Jul 05, 3:50 pm

Big Tits Latina Jenaveve Jolie Sucks and Fucks on Ass Parade
Big Tits Latina Jenaveve Jolie Sucks and Fucks on Ass Parade

Latina Jenaveve Jolie is styling with some avant-garde boots that are meant for more than just walking. She is mad at BangBros because it has been a long time since she's shot for them and she wants to know why. Nobody tells her because, like, who the fuck does she think she is? She can't be demanding to know shit like that. She was hired to show off her ass and fuck, not to ask questions. She turns around and bends over for the camera. She is wearing short jean shorts. This is an Assparade video (episode ap7508), but her ass is not really anything to write home about. Her tits, on the other hand, are quite fantastic. This chick reminds me of a more ethnic-looking Carmen Electra. Their bodies are very similar, and they both have nice brunette hair. She walks around butt-naked and her tan Hispanic skin glows in the sunlight that is pouring in through the living room windows. A stud walks up to her and plants his face in between her ass cheeks. He sticks his tongue out and gives her analingus while she grinds up and down on his face. This turns him on and his cock is now hard and ready. He plunges his dong deep inside her Latin pussy and hammers it as hard as he can. He pours some oil on her ass to shine it up a bit more and continues to sling dick. Jenaveve realizes she forgot to suck some cock, which is one of her favorite things in the world to do, so she pulls the dick out of her snatch and starts licking it like a lollipop. When her craving is satisfied, she gets that big dick back inside of her pussy and gets smashed doggystyle. The horny dude is having such a good time and he's very vocal about it. Normally I can't stand it when guys moan in porn, but this dude is having a legit good time and I cannot hate on him. There is too much haterade being drunken (drank? drunk?) around the world and that shit needs to stop pronto. Anywhoot, so this guy is having a ball and then he pulls out and shoots his load all over Jenave Jolie's ass. And what a load it was! It look

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