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Jodie was born on July 25, 1991 in Phoenix, Arizona. This unbelievable girl was born to do porn. She started watching gang bang scenes online and fantasized about doing one of her own, so it was no big leap when she dove into the business pussy first at the barely legal age of 18. Though many newbies ease into porn with solo or girl-girl scenes, Jodi jumped into hardcore, kinky fetishes and rough play immediately.

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Aug 19, 10:20 am

PAWG Jodi Taylor takes a big cock in her white ass
PAWG Jodi Taylor takes a big cock in her white ass

Here with us today, we have the lovely whooty Jodi Taylor. Jodi Taylor is one of those white girls that has a natural big ass. So we knew we needed to have her on for PAWG (PWG11609) and show us just what she can do. I find her laying down by the pool and she looks absolutely adorable with that freckled doll face of hers. It's hard for her to have a favorite position since she likes all of them. She'll have to come up with some new ones on her own. The last time she had sex before this shoot was two days ago and even though it was personal he was a cameraman so the lines did blur a bit. Well I just so happen to be a camera guy but I'll try my luck later. Size to her does matter, it can't be too small but it can't be too big, either. Right in the middle is perfect. I ask her if she thinks there is a difference between home sex and camera sex and she says the difference is that there's no pressure. Sometimes she'll forget she's not on camera and will start doing crazy positions to surprise her lovers. She likes anal as much as vaginal penetration but it depends on the day of the week. She can't go a week without having a huge anal craving for sure. Luckily today is that day. First I have her stand up and do a couple of poses for us to show off that amazing booty and then we go inside where Bruce is waiting for her. He can't believe his eyes and grips those ass cheeks tightly before burying his face in between them. Jodi can't help but giggle as he plays with it. Then he pounds her pussy and makes her get on her knees to taste it on his dick. She chokes on his big cock as she tries to deepthroat. Her eyes start to water as she makes a sloppy mess. Then he pounds her ass hole in many positions until he's about to cum and shoots his load all over her face and she sucks him dry.

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