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Sup, homies! I created this account to share my wild home videos and personal pictures with all of you. I am always fucking chicks and recording them, so look forward to a lot of that. There is this one girl in the neighborhood that I know is a total freak, and she is definitely going to make an appearance on here soon haha. Be sure to follow me / add me to your friend's list. If you like what you see, get in touch. Let's chat and be social!

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Jul 13, 12:07 pm

Amateur big ass Latina neighbor fucking outside
Amateur big ass Latina neighbor fucking outside

I was waiting outside of my brother's place for him to come home. I realized that if he's going to take this long then I'm going to call that girl who lives down the street to see if she wants to come over and have some sex. About 20 minutes later, she shows up. Immediately, I can tell she's down to fuck--or DTF as the hipsters call it. What gave it away was her telling me that she's really horny and she wants to fuck me so hard. I'm hoping that the backdoor is unlocked but it's not. There's no way for us to get inside but that doesn't stop her from begging for it. I tell her it's too hot outside and I'd rather we go inside to fuck. Then she starts teasing me, sliding her skirt down past that big ass of hers and it looks glorious in that thong she's wearing. Damn I don't know what to do. She then takes off her top to show off her perky tits and she takes me to a shady spot in the yard. She gets on her knees and starts unbuttoning my shorts. She pulls them off completely and starts sucking on my balls first. Those wet lips of hers feel amazing wrapped around my nut sack. Then she starts sucking my cock while she strokes it. I can't believe we're doing this outside in public. I feel like anyone could come through at any moment but I'm starting to like it. This girl is a freak through and through. We then have sex in multiple positions around the yard and the way she moans makes me want to fuck her harder still. It's so much fun to do this while I'm recording on my camera and she even suggests different angles that we could try. Once I cum all over her ass I tell her that she fucks just like one of those porn stars. Then she tells me, "baby, I am a star."

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