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This 20 year old babe says every guy she's ever been with has always pounced right on her tits, and she's just fine with that. She stands at 5'6" and has been active in the industry since 2014.

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Jul 29, 1:26 pm

Natural big tits Karlee Grey fucked silly on the Bang Bus
Natural big tits Karlee Grey fucked silly on the Bang Bus

Today we're talking a drive in the Bang Bus (BB13539) with our boy JMac and we're looking for the next girl to bring aboard with us. We stop to grab a bite to eat and we see this smoking hot girl sitting at the window enjoying some french fries. I sit on one side with the camera pointed at her as JMac sits on the other. I can tell she has huge tits with that low top she's wearing and I know we have to get her on our infamous bus. We start making small talk and she mentioned her name is Karlee Grey. We offer to pay for her lunch and she says thank you and notices my camera. I tell her it's a school project but I can tell that it's bothering her. I ask her if I can interview her for my school project. She's not sure because she's on her lunch break and has to get back soon but I tell her we can do the interview in our van. She gives a nervous laugh and I tell her it's a sound issue. There's too much wind and traffic noise and it'll distort the audio. She agrees to do it and we offer to pay her for her time as well. She's got on a black skirt and, as she's walking in front of me, I get a good shot of that big ass of hers. Once she's in the van, we start driving around and I start with some basic interview questions to slowly lead up to the real important stuff. When she's nice and relaxed, I ask her the sex questions and she's reluctant at first but starts to give answers. She admits she gets turned on easily and enjoys sex a lot. If it were up to her, she would have sex multiple times a day. Right then, we get JMac to pull out his cock to show it to her and she can't believe what's happening. Karlee gets shocked and angry and tells JMac to put it away. We ask her if she finds something wrong with it and she admits that it is big. To our surprise, she starts stroking his cock and then she starts giving him a blowjob. Then JMac fucks her in multiple positions as he worships those big tits of hers and then shoots his load all over her face.

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