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Kate England has a Russian ancestry and grew up in Pennsylvania. She was a straight A student and ran the high school yearbook in her Junior and Senior years. She had anal sex before trying vaginal sex, but it was not for any religious reasons; as it turns out, she just thought the guy's dick was too big to fit in her pussy. She enjoys foreplay and her favorite position is doggie.

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Jun 25, 12:15 pm

Kate England Gets a Portrait and a Big Dick on the Bang Bus
Kate England Gets a Portrait and a Big Dick on the Bang Bus

It's art week in Miami and our stud is feeling inspired. He is working on his drawing skills on the Bang Bus, and he's even got himself a little beret to complete the look. He shows off what he's been working on for so long, and it's a picture of a crudely drawn car. It is supposed to be the BangBus but it looks nothing like it. I don't think his work is going to make it into any Art Basel exhibits anytime soon. The driver and cameraman give him a lot of shit and tell him he is terrible, but I have a feeling he will keep trying in spite of the criticism. In the meantime, the BangBros team is on a mission to find a gullible girl to fuck on the streets of Downtown Miami. They spot a pretty blonde with a guitar case in tow walking down the street. They convince her to get into the van by offering her a free portrait by the would-be artist. She agrees and climbs aboard. They interview her while the stud draws some fucked up likeness of the hot babe. At one point, she pulls her guitar out and continues to pose for the "artist". She seems to be getting into it, and they even convince her to get naked for the portrait. Her body is skinny and sexy. Her tits are small and her nipples are pointy. The guys are all impressed with her natural beauty. This girl is so gullible that they push it even further by convincing her that having sex would be part of the artistic process. She seems skeptical at first, but she supports the arts and is willing to walk the talk. She sucks dick and gets fucked real hard by the stud, who shoots his paint all over her canvas in the end. They take her to a "gallery" (an abandoned house in the hood) so they can debut and show off her portrait. She takes the bait and gets off the bus to go along with it, but the guys toss her guitar away and ditch her dirty style by driving away and leaving her behind all alone. This is appalling behavior, but it is quite funny, though. Hope you enjoyed this strange adventure as much as I did.

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