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Katja Kassin aka Ursula is a German pornstar MILF from Leipzig that is best known for her anal and gangbang performances. She was a Spiegler Girl for a short amount of time before signing with LA Direct Models. She has been modeling since September 2000. Her hair color often alternates between red and blonde. If you want to get in her pants, talk politics; she studied political science at the Univeristy of Leipzig before sucking cocks for a living.

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Jun 03, 11:30 am

German Pawg Katja Kassin Receives Anal Punishment
German Pawg Katja Kassin Receives Anal Punishment

Thick blonde German PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) Katja Kassin has a curvy body that will bring a tear to your eye. Her big ass looks like it was foged in heaven by God himself. And surely he broke the mold right afterwards because I have never seen one just like it. There must be something in the water over in Leipzig, because damn! She proudly shows off her white booty to our super happy cameraman. The shirtless male talent patiently waits for his turn upstairs and watches everything unfold down below on the first floor. He even pulls out his cock to satisfy himself while the German MILF continues to strip naked. This BangBros scene (episode pwg11358) takes place in some sort of modern mansion. It is all very minimal, which is cool with us because the focus is purely on Katja's beautiful butt. She is wearing a pink g-string that is deeply tucked inside her ass crack. I bet you would love to pull that sucker out with your tongue, wouldn't you? She drops to her knees and crawls upstairs to the waiting stud. The camera follows behind. She agressively plunges the pipe deep down her throat and bobs her head up and down. The big dick stud gets into it and starts fucking her throat harder while holding on to her golden locks. We follow them to the next room where toys are set aside, waiting to be buried in Katja's ass hole. I am assuming they did this to prepare her anus for that giant meatstick. It only makes sense. After loosening up her butt hole, the big dick player buries his dong deep inside and packs her fudge gently. Katja rides reverse cowgirl for a bit and then takes that cock ass to mouth. The fun is only beginning as we make our way into the 2nd half of this extraordinary video. She gets her ass stretched in multiple positions while moaning loudly. The guy starts to fuck her pussy, but that seals the deal and gets him to climax. He thrusts away until he cannot take it any longer, then pulls out his massive winer to cum all over Katja's sweet phat ass.

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