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Kelly Divine is quoted saying “I was a good Catholic girl” and you know most women that go to Catholic school are the biggest freaks. Fast forward to when she was 23 Kelly did some bikini modeling but she kept getting big offers to fly out to California and do porn. Lucky for us she was made a offer she couldn’t refuse. Her greatest asset is her glorious ass-tastic booty. On more than one occasion she has turned seasoned studs into two pump chumps.

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Apr 07, 3:36 pm

Kelly Devine free porn video full length
Kelly Devine free porn video full length

Kelly Devine has one of the biggest asses i've ever seen on a white girl. Just watching her get ready for the shoot had my dick throbbing but when she started jumping around on the trampoline I lost my mind. I rubbed some oil on her and thoroughly rubbed it in before taking her inside to pound that ass. When I was done pounding that round rump she got a nice facial

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