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Kiara Marie is an American pornographic actress with natural 36D big tits. She was born on April 21, 1987, in Santa Rosa, California. Her measurements are 36D-28-42, she is 5'6", and she weighs about 149lb.

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Jul 03, 11:01 am

Kiara Marie Gets Big Ass & Big Tits Massaged by Gigolo
Kiara Marie Gets Big Ass & Big Tits Massaged by Gigolo

Kiara Marie shows off her stripper and pole dancing skills in this full-length Pornstar Spa free porn video from BangBros (episode pos9954). Her big tits are incredible, and her tan curvy body is to die for. When she is done working out, she gets a call from a friend that has a recommendation for a really good masseuse. Kiara would love a massage, so she schedules the appointment and a hot stud shows up at her doorstep in no time. She answers the door in the same skimpy outfit she worse while dancing on the pole--black thong panties and a royal blue spaghetti strap shirt. The massage therapist evaluates her to find out where she could use some work. He assures her he is a professional, and then proceeds to pull down her shirt and rub her tits. This is part of the evaluation, no doubt. Next, he convinces Kiara to take her panties off to avoid getting oil on them. He examines her ass and then tells her to jump on the massage table for her rub down. He caresses her entire body gently, and then starts to focus in on her ass and tits. The next portion of the massage, he tells her, involves his dick in her mouth. She is totally DTF and goes along with it. She gives him a sloppy blowjob and then bends over the massage table for some sex. The masseuse drops his jeans to the floor and starts pounding away, making sure to massage every corner of Kiara's pussy with his hard, throbbing dick. They work through multiple positions, and Ms. Marie is loving every minute of it. At the end, the masseuse pulls his bareback dick out of Kiara's vagina and shoots his cum all over her big tits. Kiara wants to set up another appointment, but this guy is very busy, so he tells her to just contact his assistant. How rude.

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