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Kristina Rose is an American pornographic actress from San Diego, California. She entered the adult industry in 2007 at the tender age of 23. She is well known for her pretty face and anal sex scenes. She is petite and tiny, weighing 110lbs and standing at 5 feet 1 inch.

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Jul 05, 12:07 pm

Sara Jay and Kristina Rose Revive KO'd Boxer in Boxing Gym
Sara Jay and Kristina Rose Revive KO'd Boxer in Boxing Gym

Bang Bros presents a boxing match that will have you on the edge of your seats! Two studs vie for bragging rights in their boxing gym. They decide to settle things in the ring, and they have two PAWGs -- Sarah Jay and Kristina Rose -- as ring girls to bring a sense of legitimacy to the bout. In the 2nd round, the shorter fighter gets his lights turn off. The victor hovers over him and bows up to show dominance, but the girls shove him aside to help the fallen warrior. I guess "to the loser goes the spoils" this time around! The two ring girls know what it will take to make the boxer feel better. They pull his dick out and start giving him head. He is still feeling fucked up, so the girls put on a little show play with each other's big ass on the ropes. They put on the boxing gear and start to jerk off the knocked out stud. This marks the first time I have ever seen someone give a handjob with a boxing glove! It looks like fun--for the guy, no homo! Sarah Jay puts a condom on his dick and Kristina Rose climbs aboard to ride him reverse cowgirl. This being an Ass Parade shoot (episode ap4184), the camera is heavily focused on dat azz. All of this hardcore sex appears to do the trick and now the boxer is on his feet, sticking and jabbing his dick in those pussies. Sarah Jay leans on the ropes and points her booty towards the boxer's cock. He goes to town on these hoes and when all is said and done, he shoots his load all over their faces. Sarah Jay licks the cum off of Kristina Rose's face and they both wave goodbye to the camera.

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