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Lexi Belle was originally a innocent southern girl from Louisiana prior to moving to Los Angeles. Shortly after moving there she lost her virginity at the tender age of 17. While working as a cashier when she was sent a offer from a recruiter for a porn agency on her social media page and offered her a more exciting and lucrative job. She wasn't eighteen at the time so she didn't take his offer for another several months. December of 2005 is when she did her first scene and coincidentally first blowjob. Hard to imagine nobody wanted to stick their cock in that pretty little mouth of hers. To date shes been in over 600 movies and has worked with all the major adult companies

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Apr 08, 2:39 pm

Lexi Belle free porn video full length
Lexi Belle free porn video full length

Lexi Belle did her morning yoga stretching in a skin tight body suit and thigh high socks. She got a call from her friend and and they were talking about getting a massage. Her friend said she has someone that comes to her house and does the massages and hes a opening today. Lexi told her to send him over. After he oiled her up he gave her vagina a nice deep penis massage. He followed that up with a creamy facial

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