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Hot Texan MILF Lexi Stone aka Angela McLin is a slender pornstar and adult model from Fort Worth, Texas. She went to Southwest High School (class of 2001). Her measurements are 32C-24-34. When she is not filming porn, she is playing poker or cutting / styling hair.

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Jun 18, 1:24 pm

MILF Laundry Attendant Fucks Young Customer
MILF Laundry Attendant Fucks Young Customer

Today on Milf Soup (episode ms5768), a young guy stops by his neighborhoood drycleaner, Cum Clean, to drop off his laundry. The MILF attendant notices that his jeans are a bit long, and she tries to upsell him offering to hem his pants. He is a little hesistant at first because he's shy and doesn't want to walk around in his underwear while he waits. The clever and persistent business woman turns up the pressure offers him the chance to wait in the back room where nobody will bother or see him. He reluctantly agrees and does as told. While in the backroom, he removes his pants and is revealed to be wearing tighty whities. That is probably why he was so embarrassed! He says they're for support, and the hot MILF attendant comforts him by saying she thinks it is cute. A short amount of time passes and the woman comes back with his pants as promised. She offers the him her business card and tells him to contact her if he ever needs anything. The business card has her personal address on it, which gives the guy a bright idea. Later that day, there is a knock at her door and it turns out to be the satisfied customer. She answers the door in nothing but a blue bath towel, which she quickly drops to the ground after finding out who it is. The young man is shocked and surprised. Her big tits and perfect body looked incredible. She leads him to the couch and pulls out his cock. (This is the kind of shit that only happens in porn, I swear.) She sucks his dick for a bit and then climbs on top for some 69 action. After foreplay, she begins riding his dick in reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl. They switch positions a few more times and the young stud empties his nutsack into her mouth. She spits out the cumshot onto her tits and that is where our BangBros video ends. Hope you enjoyed it!

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