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Lily Love was born on December 11, 1991 in Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA. She credits a couple months going wild at German swinger parties with awakening a sexual appetite that can now only be satisfied with big dicks and day-long porn shoots. Whenever she has time to really let loose in the kitchen, this Southern belle loves to cook and prepare elaborate meals for herself and her friends. Lily broke the ice with her first hardcore scene in 2012.

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Aug 21, 8:06 am

Big tits Lily Fox fucks multiple guys on the bus
Big tits Lily Fox fucks multiple guys on the bus

On today's episode of Bang Bus (BB12407) we have the amazing Lily Love with us. She has such an amazing smile and, with those green eyes and adorable laugh, anyone can fall in love with her. We can't help but stare at her big tits and we have her take off her shirt to show off those puppies for us while we drive around Miami. She's getting pretty horny now that her shirt is off and she starts playing with her nipples. She would be naked all of the time if she could. And having said that, we have her take off her shorts and panties, too. She bends over and twerks that ass for us before she sits back down. She spreads her legs to play with her pussy for us in anticipation of the big dick. She fingers herself and gets that pussy nice and wet. I tell her to keep playing with herself while I talk to the driver about where the dick is. It's starting to take too long and I figure we could just grab any guy off the street at this point. I tell him to pull into this parking lot and we stop next to this guy that was on his phone. I tell him that we're filming a new reality show and to hop in the van. He's unsure and doesn't want to jump into a van with strangers. He'd rather continue on his way home. I tell him if there's going to be any pussy in his near future and he laughs and admits that, no, none at all. He looks like he's fucked a couple of 4s or maybe even up to a 7, but we have a perfect 10 in the van waiting for him today. But he has to decide to be down to get in the van and then we'll show her to him. He has to commit first! He says yes and he opens the door and is surprised to see how amazing she looks. He sits down next to her and we have him whip out his dick for Lily. She gives him a blowjob and then fucks his brains out before we pick up two more guys and offer them the same deal. Lily is a trooper and handles all the dick she can to satisfy her cravings.

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