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Lindsey Lovehands is a redhead from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She has 36D big tits and a tight pussy with a pierced hood. She has performed as an exotic dancer in addition to making porn. She is a total MILF and you need to check her videos out right now.

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Nov 30, 9:40 am

Rich MILF Lindsey Lovehands Fucks Latino Security Guard
Rich MILF Lindsey Lovehands Fucks Latino Security Guard

Hot MILF pornstar Lindsey Lovehands is a babe with big tits in a Mercedes-Benz. She is crusing around in a jeans skirt and a green-striped shirt that shows off a lot of cleavage. She's got long hair, pink glasses, and long earrings. She's killing it, living large. She pulls into her apartment complex and requests a parking pass from the security guard who admires her hot ass as she climbs out of the vehicle. Later that day, she gets back in her car and drives of, but she's really horny so she turns back around to give the guard a second look at her body. But she takes off her panties first to make sure he sees her pussy as she drives in passed the gates. This is her way of saying, "Come and get me." He follows her back to her house and lets himself in. He finds her clothes at the foot of the stairs. He goes upstairs and finds her naked in the bedroom. Her tits are large and her nipples are rock hard. She takes off his uniform and sucks his dick. He eats her perfect pussy and licks her pierced clip. He then puts on a Magnum condom (safety first) and smashes her cougar pussy. There is a nice view of the bay in the background. This could very well be his new sugar mama, so he needs to make sure he treats her right. You may not know this, but security guards don't get paid much. So why bother with that nonsense when you can have some rich lady take care of you, am I right? He takes her in multiple positions on what appears to be a very comfortable bed and he cums all over her ass when he can't take it any longer. This broad is a seasoned pro, so she'll need more than that to cum. I don't think she's sold, but it was worth a shot. And at the end of the day, this guy still got his dick wet.

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