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Lisa Ann is the quintessential MILF pornstar. Being born in Pennsylvania, she was destined to be in adult. She had started stripping before she was even over 18. While there, she was approached about doing porn, and her career was born. Over the years, she's gotten big tits to accompany her big ass, and loves all kinds of dick. Big cock, interracial, multiple at once, she can handle it all and loves it. There hasn't been another pornstar like Lisa Ann, and recently she retired from making new videos. But a career that lasted almost 20 years, she has quite a portfolio of material to keep any guy happy for quite a while. Besides being a porn bombshell, Lisa Ann is a huge sports fanatic, and can hang with the best of them when it comes to that.

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Mar 01, 4:22 pm

Lisa Ann takes on multiple big cocks in a gloryhole to cum on her
Lisa Ann takes on multiple big cocks in a gloryhole to cum on her

Lisa Ann is the ultimate MILF, with her big tits and big ass. She is also cock hungry, and wanders in for a trip to the gloryhole where she will give blowjobs without even seeing their faces or talking to them. Before she knows it, there are big dicks, black dicks and white dicks, waiting to get sucked on. She even ends up fucking of them cause she is so horny. They end up covering her big tits with cum.

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