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The beautiful Liv Aguilera is a petite Mexican-American Latina porn actress from Phoenix, AZ. Her measurements are 33B-23-34 and she stands at 4 feet 10 inches. She is a Virgo, born on September 4, 1991. She has been nominated for an XBIZ Best Scene award. While it may look like she can speak Spanish fluently, she does not. So if you meet her in person, please speak English!


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Sep 07, 2:58 pm

Petite Latina Liv Aguilera Gets Mexican Pussy Fucked
Petite Latina Liv Aguilera Gets Mexican Pussy Fucked

In this already classic Bangbros Latina Rampage (lrp9243) production, we are introduced to the one and only Liv Aguilera. She is a petite Mexican-American pornstar that stands at only 4'10" tall. While she has Latin roots, she barely speaks any Spanish. Or as she puts it, "No Habla Espanol." She hasn't even been to Mexico, can you believe it? And she lives in Los Angeles. What a shame. She tells Shooter, the camera man / director, that she is an aspiring writer. This impresses him because he is used to dealing with vapid, retarded sluts for a living. And then he remembers this is a porn movie, not a PBS special, so the conversations turns to her favorite body part--her ass. It is quite nice. In an effort to be sexy, she tells us she likes to get her hair pulled, and that she likes it rough. Shooter's friend, Xander, might be able to help her with that. He is a hipster-looking d-bag with a Bieber haircut and a fat cock. They all meet up by the pool in the backyard. Xander gets right to it and has Liv suck his cock outdoors. She half-asses it a bit, and then jumps on the dick to ride it like a slut. She isn't moving nearly fast enough, so Xander gets on top and starts pile hammering her in multiple positions. She keeps her shit and high-heeled shoes on the entire time. We can hear her moaning and squealing with each thrust of the porn stud's cock. In the end, Xander pulls out and shoots his frothy cum load all over Ms. Aguilera's small tits and shirt. Xander seems really pleased with himself, but I don't think Liv got hers in the end. But that's OK. Maybe she can channel her sexual frustration and write a book about it. We look forward to reading that. Not.

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