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Hello everyone! I am Lola Fox aka Katie aka Jessica Junkstuffer. I am a Scorpio, which means I am supposed to be feisty and aggressive haha. I am a sweetheart, though, and get along with pretty much everyone. Maybe it is because I am a laidback west coast chick from California lol. If you like my style and my petite body, check out my free porn videos. I'll share some here from time to time... XOXO

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May 22, 12:48 am

Big Booty Lola Fox Gets Shaved Pussy Smashed
Big Booty Lola Fox Gets Shaved Pussy Smashed

How PAWG Lola Fox shows off her round ass and teases the audience while wearing coochie cutters. Underneath her short shorts, she is sporting a bright thong. Her badonkadonk looks good no matter what she is wearing. The camera man and stud are going crazy for the jiggly ass. After her co-star eats her butt hole and gives her a rimjo, they take it inside for some foreplay. Things get real when that cock goes in her tight pussy. When all is said and done, Lola gets a cumblast to her face and drinks every last drop. Hope you enjoy this full length free BangBros porn, episode pwg11597.

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