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Luna Star moved from Cuba to the Miami, Florida when she was 15. She now resides in the porn mecca of Los Angeles. This spicy latina started as a model but the long hours started to wear on her. She started doing porn in 2012 and never looked back, she puts 100% into every scene and it shows. Lunas high energy combines with her amazing sex appeal makes every scene a must watch. In recent interviews she stated she wants to produce more so I have no doubt whatever she's working on will be super high quality.

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Apr 08, 12:46 pm

Luna Star free porn video full length
Luna Star free porn video full length

Sexy Luna Star pulls up her skirt and bends over so I can get a better look at her ass. She pulls her panties over to the side so and spreads her pussy. This make my insanely horny. I took out my dick and she started slobbing all over my cock and balls. When she had enough she climbed up on the bed and I pounded that pussy hard form behind. When I was about to cum she got down on her knees and swallowed my entire load

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