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Madelyn Marie is one of the hottest up and coming porn starlets and understandably so. She’s tall, tanned, brown-eyed brunette who's absolutely gorgeous! She’s 5'7" and has a banging 34C-28-34 figure. Madelyn was born on January 28, 1987 in West Point, New York. And this girl isn’t just sexy, she’s smart as hell. She’s a first year medical student in California, which gives us all kinds of naughty doctor fantasies. While we might one day lose Madelyn Marie to a doctor's office, until then, we’re going to enjoy ever shoot she makes before that.

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Jul 25, 12:01 pm

Madelyn Marie gets a creampie in her tight pussy
Madelyn Marie gets a creampie in her tight pussy

We have the absolutely stunning Madelyn Marie here with us on Big Tits Creampies (BTCP8411) and, boy, have we got a show for you. It's been a long time since she's shot for Bang Bros. Her tan skin shines and those long legs are breathtaking. She tells us that her favorite physical feature is her hair. I love a girl with long, dark hair! She's a third year medical student, and she breeds and races horses when she's not in front of the camera. She is the whole package--brains and beauty. Thankfully, we're going to film as many scenes as we can before she graduates. I have her walk around for me and she lifts up her dress to show off that amazing ass of hers. When she's in Los Angeles, she doesn't really like going to clubs because of all the creepy men that won't leave her alone. She gets hit on a lot when she's shopping for her pets, too. She says the best way to approach her is to talk about her hair. A guy asked her what shampoo she used and it started a whole conversation about hair. Or if a guy wants to, they can try talking about her horses because they are her life. I take her to the house where she sits on the couch and lifts up her dress to play with her pussy for me. Since she wasn't wearing any panties under there, it was easy to do so. Her favorite thing about sex is giving head. While she doesn't consider herself good at it, she enjoys focusing on the man. Then she pulls her dress down to show off her huge tits and they're even better than you could imagine. Once she's completely naked, I bring in Mike and he bends her over to lick her pussy. Madelyn gives him a blowjob before riding his cock. Then she gets pounded in a couple more positions before he shoots his load inside her for the creampie finale.

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